The Soul Path Collective is a spiritual community dedicated to the healing, transformation, and spiritual journey of individuals and the collective.  We're so glad you're here.


The Soul Path Collective was born from a heart-centered desire to be of service.  While I have had gifts for most of my life, up until now, I have been a lone wolf trying to do it all myself.  As my spiritual journey progressed, I hungered for collaboration, for a community of like-minded people who had a heart for service, integrity, and a desire to help others on their spiritual journey.  I would not be where I am today without A LOT of help.  While some of that help came through traditional therapies, most of my profound healing came from non-traditional healers.  I've seen psychics, mediums, channelers, akashic records readers, shamans, etheric medicine practitioners, tarot card readers, crystalline healing, etc.  I realized I have the do the work, but I don't have to do it alone.  It is my sincere hope that this site will bring people together.  I hope you find the healing you need.  Healers... I hope you will find new connections and members of your soul tribe.  I am honored and excited to begin. 

~Tresenia Griffin, Founder of The Soul Path Collective

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For Those Seeking Healing

This site is free to use.  This site is a collection of healers, readers, products and services designed to help you on your spiritual path.  You will only be charged by the reader, healer, or vendor you choose to work with, or for items purchased directly on this site.  The Soul Path Collective takes no fee from its members and receives only a nominal commission from Amazon for products it recommends on this site.

For Those Seeking To Be a Member of the Community

This is a membership site.  Approved readers, healers, and vendors will be listed The Soul Path Collective Websites.  This service is always FREE.  As a member, you receive the following:

  • Inclusion in the directory of practitioners

  • A dedicated page showcasing your services that includes:

    • Your picture and a short bio letting our audience know about the products and services you provide

    • Your website address​

    • Your social media links

    • Your methods of accepted payment

    • Space for a featured video 

  • One featured blog post per year

  • We NEVER take a commission on the services that originate from our site. 

It is our mission to anchor love and light on the planet, and to connect you with healing resources.  Namaste.


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